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Biomagnetism and Bio-Electromagnetism

Throughout the past 30 years, scientists have been extensively researching organisms that have the ability to produce the ferromagnetic mineral magnetite. Magnetite is a black mineral form of iron oxide that crystallizes in the cubic or isometric system, namely all crystals which have their crystallographic axes of equal length at 90 degrees to each other. [...]

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Crisis of the Amazon

Crisis of the Amazon: An Overview by a Visiting Scientist Copyright © 2005 J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D.   ABSTRACT Intimately coupled with the whole complex of environmentalism and sustainability is the Amazon rainforest. No other area of earth has been as much in the news and in our consciousness in the past few years. In [...]

Laser Remote Sensing

Laser Remote Sensing of Forest and Crops in Genetic-Rich Tropical Areas Dr. Edgardo Gerck Lasertech S.A. Campinas, SP, Brasil Dr. James J. Hurtak Lasertech-USA Los Gatos, California USA [Originally published in International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol. XXIX, 1992, ISPRS, Washington, D.C.] ABSTRACT: The benefits of using laser remote sensing are discussed in [...]

Subsurface Morphology

SUBSURFACE MORPHOLOGY AND GEOARCHAEOLOGY REVEALED BY SPACEBORNE AND AIRBORNE RADAR Copyright ©1986 James J. Hurtak, Ph.D. AFFS Corporation, Los Gatos, CA 95031 USA www.affs.org ABSTRACT The shuttle imaging radar (SIR-A) carried on the Space Shuttle Columbia (November 1981) penetrated the dry Selima Sand Sheet, subsurface valleys and arid desert wastelands of the eastern Sahara, revealing [...]

Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

Innovative Technique for In Situ Treatment of Contaminated Surface Waters and Submerged Sediments by Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation John W. Di Turo Cellinite Technologies Co., LLC 1451 Route 208 Walkill, NY 12589 jdituro@cellinite.com James J. Hurtak, Ph.D. AFFS Corporation P.O. Box FE Los Gatos, CA 95031 jjh@affs.org [Originally published as IECEC - 98 — 298 33rd [...]