Space Law for Mars

Space Law Needed for The Protection of Martian Resources by J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D, Ph.D. AFFS Corporation Excerpts from a Paper for the Mars Society Conference, Copyright © 2003 J.J. Hurtak Introduction The recent confirmation of surface and subsurface ice and water reservoirs on Mars represents ground breaking news and the need to prepare Space Law [...]

Studies on the Rings of Saturn

Studies on the Rings of  Saturn Vladimir V. Tchernyi Andrew Ju. Pospelov Serge V. Girich A program of investigation of Saturn's rings must include experiments in superconductivity. The authors' hypothesis of the superconductive material states of the rings of Saturn makes it possible to add to classical planetary ring theory a non-conflicting superdiamagnetic model. By [...]

Quest to Terraform Mars

The Quest to Terraform Mars by D. M. Hurtak, M.S.Sc. ABSTRACT Fig. 1 The Mars Meteorite ALH84001 As space exploration continues to bring us closer to even the more distant planets of our solar system, and as the spirit of expansion that informs western civilization remains central to so many of our terrestrial [...]