Articles and Papers

At present, the Academy's areas of interest include:

  • environmental sciences and remote sensing
  • renewable resources and energy alternatives
  • biomedicine
  • planetary sciences and space law
  • archaeology
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    Environmental Sciences

    Crisis of the Amazon: Overview by a Visiting Scientist

    Remote Sensing

    Laser Remote Sensing of Forest and Crops in Genetic-Rich Tropical Areas
    Subsurface Morphology and Geoarchaeology Revealed by Spaceborne and Airborne Radar

    Renewable Resources

    Water Treatment by Enhaced Aerobic Bioremediation


    Biomagentism and Bio-Electromagnetism: The Foundation of Life

    Planetary Sciences

    The Quest to Terraform Mars
    Studies on the Rings of Saturn

    Space Law

    Existing Space Law Concepts and Legislation Proposals
    Space Law Needed for the Protection of Martian Resources


    The Ryukyuan Submerged Landforms of the Late Quaternary: Possible Cultural Context and Significance

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