World-Wide Mission Statement

The Academy’s goal is to globally assist in the most significant step towards acquiring the educational and scientific tools needed for resolving the problems of non-renewable resources and building a new scientific civilization with a positive future in the Twenty-First Century. To this end, it examines new energy alternatives, methods to improve the global environment, space law, and multiculturalism whereby each country makes efforts applicable to its immediate environment in an attempt to accomplish this goal.

In the United States, the Academy works to provides for study and advanced scientific exploration in the fields of alternative energy, water purification, space science, and education working extensively with computer technology. Most importantly, it is to help coordinate with other Academy branches throughout the world in helping to realize their goals.

In Mexico, the Academy works on projects of teaching English in secondary schools and conducts extensive archaeological studies and anthropology work within the indigenous Indian areas and in all major archaeological zones. It is also fortunate to have within its membership one of Mexico’s top environmentalists who coordinates the official studies of coastal oil pollution.

In Brazil, the Academy works to provide education in computer science, laser engineering for medical and industrial products, remote sensing environmental study in the Amazon, and assisting in the protection of the Indian tribes such as in the State of Acre.

In Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and other South American countries, the Academy works to provide multi-media education and training in computer science at major universities. It also works in trying to protect the environment with new technologies and ideas.

In South Africa, the Academy works to build better human relations between the various cultural tribal traditions, develop agricultural techniques, and teaches in the field of general studies through education and medicine on the secondary and the university level.

In Switzerland, the Academy works on translations of scientific and philosophical material into the major European languages and conducts major seminar programs for a unity of cultures and interfaith dialogue and discussions hosting guest lecturers from around the world.

The Academy for Future Science works to assist in enhancing humanity’s future creativity through exploring the many techniques of educational and philosophical expressions in a learning context of educational programs for young people in the developing nations. By using multi-media tools for rapid transposition of new ideas of science into many languages, the Academy’s goal is to make improvements that will benefit the world community through sharing higher knowledge and new developments towards world citizenship.

The goals of the Academy are thus to work to achieve the following:

Raise consciousness through education in understanding the common past and unity of all people.

  • Achieve a common basis for dialogue on issues of new sciences through holding regular symposia and world conferences that share the same objectives of hope, cross-cultural understanding, and advancement of the human race.
  • To make people aware of the need for a world ethos and aid them in realizing that ethos of sharing a common higher heritage of global civilization.
  • Give future leaders in science and humanitarian projects the practical training to prepare them for the ethical and social demands of their vocations.
  • Help young people in the Third World through volunteer work in medical, agricultural, educational and scientific training.